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Siriously Siri Games is an independent game studio. More accurately, we are game development hobbyists at night. The Opera Browser on the Wii motivated us to return to the SiriGames concept and to publish some of our Flash creations. We will continue to create the type of puzzles, games, and utilities we want to see on the Wii.

PROGRAMMER: My name is Bob Mitchell and I program online games during the day and then explore technology at night. I started SiriGames to help promote the books of Siri Mitchell. When she was about to publish her first novel, I told her that games would be a really good way to attract readers for her books. Almost immediately, I got distracted with Sudoku and projects at work. And more distractions, and then some more... Suddenly however, < poof > is off the test server and a reality. So play some games, read some books, and enjoy.

ARTIST: As you can tell, Bob is not an artist. If you have 2D game and user interface art talent, perhaps your name will show up here soon.


The games are free. However, you should consider donating to the cause. There are two ways, the first is to press the "Hosting Donations Accepted" button -- this gets applied to the first two goals. The second method is to use me as your referal to DreamHost -- this will get applied to the second set of goals. Your support is appreciated and anyone who donates will get public recognition.

GoalAmountAchievedHelp Now!
Domain Registration$10 $0 Donate towards my web hosting bill!
Annual Hosting$200 $0
Studio 8 Upgrade$400 $0 Hosted at
Sound Library$100 $0
Flash Forward$1000 $0

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