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OGDC Speaker (18 Feb 2007)

Bob Mitchell has been accepted to give a talk at the Online Game Developers Conference in May. OGDC is tailored to offer game developers forward-thinking, in-depth answers to the challenges facing the fast-growing, rapidly evolving online segment of the game development industry. OGDC will be held on May 10-11, 2007 at the elegant Fairmont Olympic in downtown Seattle. Visit the official website for the latest news and information, including registration, the most current speaker list and agenda and more. Early registration rates for OGDC end on March 2nd.

His abstract: EVERYTHING BUT THE GAME -- Programming an online game consists working on the game and everything but the game. This talk will ignore the first half and explore some of the details about the second. The session will cover patching, chat, persistent messaging, localization, user authentication, billing, customer support tools, logging, monitoring, interactive web extensions, auctions, transfer services, and community tools. The objective is to reveal some of the issues and choices that have to be made when creating an online game. These often overlooked and forgotten features will differentiate your service from the rest of the games.

Siriously Siri Games launches Wii website (14 Feb 2007)

The Siriously Siri Games site is powered up. SiriGames is dedicated to making your Wii Opera browsing experience more interesting because that is exactly what I want for myself. The initial content includes one puzzle (Slider) and one game (Quackey) currently working on the Wii and Flash 7. Expect a few more things to roll off the test server during March too.

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